Trying to get a new phone for my uncle
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I have been on the phone with Verizon since 11:45 am and it is now 7:01 pm.  I have spoken with 13 different representatives and been transferred every time with the response "it is not my department".    It started with my uncle needing a new phone, then it went to just attempting to add him to my account which has a sub-account.  Did I mention I spend more than 400 bucks a month with this company.  The customer service is terrible and there is no respect for someone who has been with this organization for more then 20 years.  Even though there is a pandemic occurring this is no excuse for people to be nasty if they still HAVE A JOB.  IF someone knows how to get a live person and can add this cheap phone I am paying for in order to give him peace of mind during his cancer treatment Please Please Provide this information or who to call in order to resolve this matter.  Thank you.

Re: Trying to get a new phone for my uncle
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Hello, satherlittle. Thank you for your loyalty of over 20 years. It concerns us to hear of your experience when contacting us to open a line for your uncle. This is never the experience we want for you to have, and we will do everything in our hands to turn this around. We sent you a PRivate Note to better assist with this matter.  DavidR_VZW