Two price increases ($22 in 3 months), new plan is even more, payment/coverage issues... LAME!
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These price increases are ridiculous. Approximately $10 in June for "surcharges" (discretionary for Verizon) and now $12 for grandfathered plans shown as "PLAN RATE ADJUSTMENT MULTI" and explained as "operational costs", all with no benefits. Aren't operational costs basically the same as the non-mandated surcharges? Just seems shady and greedy.

When asked about these increases, the reps suggest a "New unlimited" plan that is actually more than $24 more than the current plan with the 2 increases. So lame... We only have one 5G capable phone. We don't even use the 16GB we have now. Why does Verizon think we would pay $24 for a new unlimited plan or actually $46 with the current plan increases with no benefit? That's a 20%+ increase with no benefit. You can bet they will increase the "new" plan prices in the next few months for some ambiguous or discretionary reason, so it will be even more. Unbelievable!

Add to that, every time I go to pay my bill, it's a total pain in the neck. Stored credit cards ask for a CVV every time now. CVV codes absolutely cannot be stored in any manner, per PCI compliance, so why does Verizon need to compare my CVV code with a value they have stored with my card every time I pay? This makes me question their PCI compliance and their ability to protect the payment data they are storing. This billion-dollar company can't even accept auto-pay with split payments or two payment methods, so I have to manually make a payment every month. Why make taking your customers' money so inconvenient?

Even worse, Verizon's coverage is unreliable in major cities. In Los Angeles, my iPhone XS frequently has only 2 or fewer bars and very slow data in multiple high-population, business areas. In downtown Denver, it's the same. In rural areas, it's even worse. Friends with AT&T have service and I do not. Not even roaming. The chat reps said it would get better with a more expensive "new" plan but don't believe it. Verizon's 5G rollout is so far behind AT&T and Tmobile, and their 4G service is already lacking as noted above. How does that equate to better service and coverage?

Lastly, I spent 2 + hours with chat agents trying to figure out why my bill increased for "PLAN RATE ADJUSTMENT MULTI", why my payment history page is unavailable (website issues), looking at plans they suggested that are more than the current plan increases, being told I can use auto pay even though it does not support multiple payment methods, etc. I was disconnected 3 times and they can barely pick up where the last person left off, repeating the solutions that do not work. Totally frustrating and poor customer service!

Pull it together Verizon, quit irritating your customers, and provide the coverage and convenience your customers deserve!!!

Re: Two price increases ($22 in 3 months), new plan is even more, payment/coverage issues... LAME!
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