“Unable to Process Card” charge

After placing an order for a phone days ago, and having my card charged, I see an email saying my payment was declined. And as a result my order will be suspended in the next two hours. So I tried to change my card and guess what, I’m charged on my new card but still seeing card declined. What’s going on?? Why are you charging me and saying it’s declined ? 

Re: “Unable to Process Card” charge
Customer Service Rep

I can definitely how this is troubling. A payment is only taken if a device is going to ship, a prepayment attempt is made ahead of time. To see if the payment is an actual payment you would need to view the full billing on the card via a computer or a laptop, and not on a phone, to make sure it is not showing shorthand information.


Is the order for an exchange, or is this an original first order? As this is definitely strange that it is stating it is accepting it then declining it shortly after, and are you receiving an error code when it is not going through? If yes, what is the error code you received? *Gert