Unable to complete transfer request

I am trying to complete a transfer request for 3 lines that was on another account. The account owner has completed their part and I got the email to complete the transfer. I completed the credit check and created a PIN for my account. When I get to the page to pick a plan for the lines is where I run into issues. The first line I can pick a plan, the second I can pick a plan but then it takes back to the previous page to "pick a plan" and over and over. It never accepts the plan I choose for that line. I have tried doing this from several other browsers, my ipad and my iphone and get the same problem. 


Any suggestions? 

Re: Unable to complete transfer request
Customer Service Rep

This may be an issue with some sort of qualification. What happens if you select the same plan that was on the previous account? - NicholasS_VZW