Unable to make an online credit card payment for phone upgrade

I attempted to upgrade my phone and received a confirmation order email and then another email stating there was a payment failure and we were unable to complete your order.

I clicked the link to make the card payment and it gave a message that the credit card couldn't be used.

I contacted customer service many times for assistance but am unable to make the card payment on Verizon's site.  One Help Rep said the problem was with my card.  That is incorrect and I have spent 4 days and 20 hours trying to make the upgrade payment.  Now the payment page link sent to me states "Max order read attempt reached."

Verizon is unable to assist me so far and the representative on the service text stopped responding.

Re: Unable to make an online credit card payment for phone upgrade
Customer Service Rep

HC1960, we're sorry that you're having all these problems with your purchase you just made. We want to make sure that you receive the help that is needed.  You can contact our Terms & Conditions automated line to accept the purchase agreement & then it will allow you to manually enter your payment over the phone. Please call (877) 807-4646. It will have you enter your phone number, then it will tell you about your order & read the terms/conditions of the order. You will then press the number in the system that tells you to to accept & then it will have you manually enter the payment. Does this information help?  -Alicia