Unable to upgrade online
Enthusiast - Level 2

Checkout keeps telling me Verizon is unable to process transaction with current payment method and to select a different payment method. Everytime I try a new payment I am getting charged but order will not process. I finally called a sales representative and when he tried to place order I was charged on my card again but order would not go thru. He told me its because Verizon needs to  go through a verification process for security reasons. REALLY after over 10 years of purchasing and upgrading online? Even my account has the ability to bill to account up to 750 dollars my upgrade order needs verification. Unreal, still waiting for rep to call me back. sounds like something else on the verizon end they arent disclosing. very dissapointing after all this time as a customer.

Could it be they are shutting it down because it is giving 800-1000 dollars off and they are pushing the 650 off promo? They should honor what checkout gives you...seems fishy to me....im betting if i ordered a phone without a trade in it would go thru....same on you verizon