Unacceptable disconnect
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So Verizon misapplied a payment to my account

then they realized it and reversed it

so then they put my account past due and sent me an email telling me my service would be shut off even though my bill wasn't due for another 10 days

I called and talked to an agent for 15 minutes who assured me it was all fixed

then today they shut off my service.  they fixed it.  when I asked why I was told that the system reversed payments it puts the account in past due status

when I said they should write to IT to fix it, the SUPERVISOR said she would put a note in my account

then she put me on hold FOREVER. 

this is UNACCEPTABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.  I have been a customer for >15 years and have never had a late payment.  OMG!  is it time to change???

Re: Unacceptable disconnect
Customer Service Rep

emaildana, We are definitely concerned to hear of your troubles regarding your account mistakenly disconnected. We are glad to hear that your issue was resolved, but understand your frustration regarding the process and being on hold like you were. We appreciate your loyalty to Verizon Wireless and would hate for you to leave our Family. Please let us know how we can be of further assistance to you.