Unauthorized changes made to my plan

A few weeks ago, without my knowledge, my daughter upgraded her phone at a non corporately owned Verizon store. With the purchase of the new phone a business line was added, which she was told was free , my plan was changed and  services/perks added. I do not have a problem with her buying the phone however since she is not the account owner or listed as an account manager she is not authorized to agree to any changes let alone buy the phone in the first place.  The store never called for verbal authorization or my PIN. I realized about a week later when I went to check my bill and saw a huge increase. I contacted the corporate office for the store and was put in touch with a district manager who assured me she would credit me for the unauthorized charges/changes.  It looks like only the business line was removed but I still am paying for the activation of that line, the plan increase and the extra features.  I was told the General Manger of that location would be in touch to help further straighten this out but he has not reached out. What is my next step for recourse?


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Customer Service Rep

We are sorry to read that you had this negative experience. We want to make sure we provide you with all the accurate information. In this case the best option is to reach out directly to our Business Team, over the phone. You can reach them by dialing *611 from your Verizon device, and they will be able to assist.