Unfortunately Off to a Bad Start with our Return to Verizon

My wife and I moved our wireless service to Spectrum Mobile a few years back, keeping my father's cell number with Verizon since Spectrum could not accommodate a flip phone (he has Parkinsons and is unable to use a Smartphone).  On Sunday I attempted to switch our lines back to Verizon on the 5G Get More Plan (great perks), purchase two iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB phones (with trade-in on our Galaxy Note 9s) as well as five accessories at a 30% discount via the website. 

Unfortunately I was not able to complete the order since it detected my existing email address under my father's cell number, so an online chat sales rep (Drake G.) volunteered to complete the order on my behalf.

Based on the emails and text we received from Verizon (as well as what Drake G. had told me in the chat, which I copied and saved), we expected to receive our phones and accessories today.  We instead received two of one of the accessories we had ordered (I had only ordered one).  Despite what I had communicated to Drake G. during our chat, the email confirmation revealed he had ordered two of all of the accessories I had requested (he was supposed to order two of only the screen protectors, and I was very specific that it was 5 items total).

We called Verizon immediately to find out why we didn't receive our new phones as well as the other accessories and to report the incorrect ordering that was performed by Drake G.  The first rep we spoke to was polite and apologized that he could not assist us since we did not have an active phone # as of yet.  He gave us a phone # to call, however when we called it, it was an internal Verizon number.  We looked up another phone # on the Verizon website and were transferred twice (spoke to three representative total due to the fact that our order was placed by the online chat area).  Our order was split into three shipments, with the remaining two not yet released (tracking numbers are pending).  Instead of Fed Ex, they will be sent via UPS and the Customer Care representative (Anthony, who was very nice and professional) said he will call us tomorrow morning with an update.  He also indicated that we will be able to return the duplicate accessories at no cost to us.  Hopefully this is not an indication of what to expect going forward since we also plan on signing up for the 5G Home Internet Service.