Unresolved Billing Issue

I have been working on a billing issue since November of 2020 and it is still unresolved. Here's the scenario:

I received a cancellation notice from eSecuritel, a provider of wireless insurance used by Verizon. I called the number given to find out this insurance was on a phone that was inactive since 09/11/17. I bought a new phone and was paying duplicate insurance on both the old and new one.  The representative said I would have to fill out a Customer Refund Dispute Form and provide proof from my carrier, Verizon, my old device was replaced and provide copies of my bills for the period of September 2017 to October 2020.  Verizon provided the copies at a charge of  $125.  The day after I ordered them I received an email from the eSecuritel representative saying I needed to provide only the first and last bill copies and the completed form. I immediately called Verizon to cancel my request for copies but was told they had already been ordered and could not be cancelled.  The representative I spoke with told me to call back once the charge was on my bill and they would adjust it.  When I called I was told they would only adjust half, $62.50.  In stead of crediting my bill they charged it an additional $62.50.  So I paid $125 on my November bill and another $62.50 on my December bill for copies I didn't even need.  On my November credit card statement I received a credit from eSecuritel/Brightstar in the amount of  $406.63 for the duplicate premiums paid, as well as an additional charge for two months premiums in the amount of $21.98.  My requests to have those months credited back to my credit card have been ignored.

If there is anyone I can plead my case to I would be so thankful.  I have spent hours trying to get this resolved to no avail.