Unresolved Issues

On 10/3 we contacted Verizon to explore plan options. I currently have six lines on my account and have been a customer for over a decade. During the discussion we were offered iPhone 13's on four of our lines at a discounted rate. We were told we would receive $300 off each device after we sent in our older phones. We asked more than a few times during the call if we could then call in a pay off the phones at the discounted rate and were told we could. We also switched to unlimited plans on all devices and were told it would go into effect on 10/9 and all we would have to do is restart our phones on that date. 

We received our equipment on 10/16, but did not receive any return labels or boxes as promised. We called in on this date and were told our plan hadn't been changed on any of our devices and that no order for return boxes had been placed and the price that we were promised for the new plan was more than what was agreed to on 10/3. We spoke to a supervisor at that time that sent us the return labels, changed our plan, issued a credit and then notified us that we would have to sign-up for auto pay in order to receive the price that was promised on 10/3.  After some back and forth we decided to wait to sign up for auto pay until we were able to return the equipment, pay it off and assess what the new bill would be. We asked the supervisor at that time if we would be able to pay off the new equipment at the discounted rate once we were notified that our phones had been received by Verizon and she agree that we could. In early November we started receiving notifications that our equipment had been received. These notifications now included a 24 month promotion for each device, which had never been mentioned.

On 11/12 we called Verizon again, spoke to yet another supervisor who assured us that he would get the promotion changed to $300 off each device and we could call in and pay the phones off. He promised a call back on 11/15, which never occurred. We called back on 11/23 to inquire about the status of the promotion change, spoke to another supervisor who told us that our account was not noted and he would not honor what we had been told. He then proceeded to explain how Verizon promotions work and that I was stuck on the 24 month contract because Verizon needed to recoup their costs for the equipment by assuring that I would remain a customer for the next 24 months. Needless to say, the rest of the conversation did not go well and we escalated to the Executive team.

On 11/24 we were emailed by Megan from the Executive Relations team advising that she would call us by November 30th to help resolve this issue. It's now December 3rd and we have not been contacted by anyone from Verizon, including Megan even though we have replied several times asking for an update.

I'm beginning to realize that the promise of a call back from anyone at this company is just a tactic to delay any further interaction in the hopes that we'll just go away and take what you gave us instead of what you promised.  What exactly has to be done in order for this company to honor promises made by the staff that represent you when we call? This has been the worst customer service experience I've ever had. I'd like to know who I can contact in order to put this issue to bed and move on? To date my wife and I have wasted over 10 hours trying to get a resolution and nothing has been accomplished. How long should we wait?


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Customer Service Rep

I am certainly sorry to hear of the issues you have been having. This is never the experience we want for you. I have sent you a Private Message, so that we may look into this further. -Rosie