Unresolved device & billing issues

Only going on my third month with Verizon and it’s been nothing but frustration, confusion, and waiting. First device I received was so slow no matter what I was doing. Did all the troubleshooting with Verizon and it didn’t help. They sent me another device. Never got a return label for original device. The new device also slow, has to be restarted multiple times a day just to get notifications. Go to store and explain everything. Store associate got me a return label for original phone and told me when they received it I could then pick a new phone and return the replacement device. Told me it was noted in my account. So once they received the phone I call in and explain everything. Over an hour on the phone transferred to four different people only to get hung up on. Tried using my Verizon app and only ended up more confused and frustrated. Now being told either get another certified phone as replacement AGAIN or pay off the device and buy another. Why would I pay for something that isn’t working like it should. Now I’ve got two different device buyout charges on my bill. I’m not happy at all with anything to do with Verizon right now. Tech support said it must be an app you downloaded. What about the 20 different apps that automatically download when I go to set up the phone? At what point is someone going to actually help with any of these issues.

Re: Unresolved device & billing issues
Customer Service Rep

We know being able to get support with your account and having a properly working phone is pretty essential, Mmwhetstone. We'd be happy to help with getting things sorted out with your current phone and the exchanges that have happened. To help address things, please send us a Private Message. *Zaak