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Last week I placed an order on Verizon's website utilizing their chat feature for 2 iPhone 13 PRO 516 GB phones, chargers, 2 protectors, 2 cases and 2 apple watches.  Friday I received a delivery which included the protectors and cases but no iPhone - then I realized the wrong phone was ordered - it was a 128GB instead of the 512GB.  I contacted Verizon Saturday morning and reported I didn't receive the iPhone and they put in a claim with UPS.  I looked up the original iPhone on UPS tracking and the package was damaged.   I ordered the correct iPhone 13 PRO 512GB phone and this morning I find on the agreement it is for the wrong cell  phone number!!! I contacted Verizon yet again to cancel the order.  I get back on line to re-order the correct phone on the right phone number but then Verizon tells me I have an active agreement in place that needs to be  cancelled so then I am switched again to someone else for assistance who then transfers me to someone else again.  I was then informed they had to cancel my order and it would take up to 48 hours before I could re-order the correct phone for the correct phone number.  By this time I have spent many hours chatting and talking to Verizon to no avail.   At that point I canceled my entire order!!  Thanks Verizon for nothing but wasting my time.

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I'm very sorry for how much time you've put into this. I know how important it is that you get the phone you should and we're glad to help figure this out. It sounds like the original phone order still hasn't been cancelled. Until that is done, it is true that there isn't a way to order a new device under your number as that is required to be dealt with first. When you ordered the 2nd phone online, if that first one wasn't cancelled, you wouldn't have been able to order under that and I'm sorry for any confusion that caused. Once that is removed though we would be more than happy to get a new phone on the way for you under the number it should be.