Update messed up my phone
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I finally updated my phone because the persistent messages became overwhelming. My phone is now practically useless. I feel this was done intentionally to force people to upgrade and spend money they don't have especially with an uncertain economy. I am disgusted. It constantly freezes and barely gets a signal. Thank you for the "upgraded" user experience. After years of loyalty to Verizon, I will be going to a lesser service. Why pay more for spotty coverage and malfunctioning phones that eat up my battery life twice as fast as before. Might as well be metro PCS at this point. Good job!

Re: Update messed up my phone
Customer Service Rep

Updates to devices do make changes, Carym, and there are times when things do not go smoothly. We will gladly help troubleshoot the device. After you did the update, did you power the phone down fully for a good five minutes (so not just a restart)? Have you also made sure all your apps are up to date with the newly installed software?