Upgrade fee


Wrote: “That doesn't seem to be true.  Any time you CHANGE a device you need to pay this fee.  I'm currently trying to buy a device outright from Verizon, but I am being asked pay the upgrade fee.  You wrote. "However, you always have the option of purchasing the device at full retial (sic) cost and adding it to the account if you wanted to avoid paying this fee.".  I want to buy the device for full cost, but I am being asked to pay a upgrade fee.  That's insane. ”

     Here it is in simple terms; if it comes with a SIM card from Verizon (or other carrier) you pay an upgrade fee for the services involved providing and programming the SIM card.   
     If it comes from Apple, Samsung or other WITH a SIM card for your carrier, you pay the upgrade fee.
     If you buy from a 3rd party, as a non customer or prepaid, and move your old SIM card yourself, there is no fee.  
     ** There is no way to purchase a phone directly from the carrier, and identifying your phone number, where you can bypass the new Sim card, or the upgrade fee.  
       This is why Best Buy exists.