Upgrading my IPhone

I purchased an iPhone 12 Max through an installment plan with Verizon. Although I like the phone I’m uncertain that I want to keep it long term. Today I spoke to someone at a Verizon store, and he informed me that I was stuck with the phone for at least 15 months (half of my plans installment duration). I was bummed because my previous carrier allowed me to upgrade after half my device was paid off regardless of how long I had it. However, I was browsing some faqs on the Verizon website and came across one about IPhones. According to the faq as long as I’ve had the phone for at least thirty days and have paid off half of it I can upgrade.

Does this early upgrade service apply to my IPhone 12 Max? Do I have to wait 15 months like he informed me? With the iPhone 13 coming out soon it would me nice to upgrade faster.

Re: Upgrading my IPhone
Customer Service Rep

Tazmoe, we appreciate you bringing up this question and it is certainly a good one. Many want to stay up to date with the latest technology and devices, and we want to help make that happen. Whether or not you can upgrade your device after paying off half of it can depend on the Device Payment Agreement for your phone, but many do offer this option. If you go to My Verizon, under the device details, there will be a section for amount owed on your device. Is there an option to upgrade early there? If so, does it advise the cost to upgrade early?*Stanley