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My Uncle has had Verizon for years and still has a flip phone. I finally convinced him into an iPhone. I also have Verizon with 5 lines. What will Verizon do on a newer iPhone if he stays with Verizon and upgrades? I see a lot of the current promotions for a free phone or BOGO are for a new line of service? He doesn't want to change phone numbers but Im thinking of adding him to my line. Any ideas? Thanks

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Re: Upgrading to iPhone
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You get the new phone, pay the upgrade fee and either you paid up front or over time.

Those "free" phones are for new lines / port-ins from another carrier. A BOGO deal will require one of the lines to be brand new or a port from another carrier. Moving a line from one Verizon account to another doesn't count as a new line and excempt from offers requiring one.

There may be a targeted promo for several hundreds off, but that's on an account basis.