Upgrading with Verizon

Where do I even Start? What choice do I regret more than any other in 2021? Using Verizon to upgrade my phone from a iPhone 12 Pro Max to an iPhone 13 Pro Max back in October.

So, after many calls, texts, msgs, unaccountable agents promising and not following through on promises, after Verizon charged my account close to $1500 that should have been included in the upgrade to a checking account I only use for Christmas gifts. 

One such call was 2 days before the account was drained of funds, bills were all bounced, and Christmas was essentially really offset or even ruined. The agent promised me this wouldn't hit my account, even checked if I had auto billing to make sure it would be ok.. well that was all nonsense and it came out the next day. 

So, I called back, after the 4th or 5th time telling this story, was promised a full refund in 5-7 days. I brought up all the bills that were coming out of it and said I needed faster help .. so then the agent talked stepped away and returned to inform me 2-3 days at most and it had been escalated. 

6 days later, the funds were returned, after ALL my bills bounced. 

So I opened another chat. The agent was useless, wasted my time, and was thoroughly unhelpful with any of my issues.. AT this point I only wanted to cancel my account. 

If there's one phrase every agent needs to be retrained NOT to say to a customer they just did all this too, it's, "Sorry for the inconvenience." Ruining Christmas, and charging over a 1000 dollars unfairly isn't an inconvenience to everyone..  Sometimes it really does ruin things, least of which has been my trust in anyone in this organization. 

So I log in again and find that no it hadn't been removed.. just charged. back to my bill. So I called the upgrade department and thought I'd finally get help. The agent was nice, not really apologetic, but said 9 or 10 other similar calls had been her day. She put me on a 20 minute hold, then another 20 minute hold, finally letting me know it was going to take another hour or two to sort out the issues with my bill. Why, I still don't know, because it's been 5 hours and nothing. Nothing. 

Each step agents trivialize the issue, or don't even connect in a human way about it. I had to ask questions like How would you feel if a company drained your account that gifts were coming out a week and again 3 days before Christmas, charging of things they're offered as the value of trading in and the deal itself, then asking for 'one more chance' each time they messed everything up again or couldn't be of more help, or lied and only pretended to do anything at all, even the bare minimum. 

What is a person like me even supposed to do? Now y'all have ruined my trust forever. I will never shop with you again. I'm going to pay off my new phone with credit or something just to be free of you liars, now that I'm being charged both for the phone I traded in but no longer have, AND threatened that if I cancel I'll get charged for the new one AS WELL. 

Yes, I wish the one thing I had done differently was to avoid Verizon's lure to upgrade, which has greatly diminished my day, my week, my holiday season, my trust, and my willingness to work it out now without swinging the proveribial knife. I filed with BBB, I am commenting here. I tweeted. I'm contacting my state AG, and I'm calling channel 3 news so they can have a fluff piece.. 

How many of you decided to upgrade your phone this season? Well, one unlucky customer found something a little bit worse than coal when they chose Verizon for their partner this holiday. 

you cannot make it right, and you will NEVER win this customer back. Good bye, and good riddance.

Stay Safe. #cancelVerizon #tmobile

Re: Upgrading with Verizon
Customer Service Rep

This is not at all how we want you feeling.  Let's turn this around.  A private message has been sent to assist you further.-Sean