Using iPhone 12 mini global model (a2399)
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Hi all, 

I am from Germany and will be visiting US for around 4 - 5 months this summer. I have a a2399 iPhone 12 mini and would like to bring it with me and get a Verizon mobile plan for it.

Based on a frequency check my phone should work with the Verizon network. Though, I've read some info about issues with actually activating the plan when my phone's IMEI is not in the database. Indeed the BYOD check says my IMEI is not in the database.

So I have  2 3 questions:

- Can anyone confirm, that my phone should technically work with the network?

- Do I have to expect any issues with the network due to using the global iPhone model?

- How can I solve the IMEI/activation issue (in advance) as a foreigner?


Best to you all!

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Hello, wacomma. We'd be more than happy to check your device for compatability with the Verizon network. In a few moments, you should receive a Private Note from us. Please reply there, so we can get started!