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Why are we all even still paying Verizon. I have a shared plan and every decent promo requires switching to unlimited. I don't need/want unlimited. Does anyone even care. Does anyone even read these. I was talking to a customer care person and they are like my hands are tied. WHY DOES VERIZON WANT NEW CUSTOMERS MORE THAN THEY VALUE CURRENT, LONG TERM, CUSTOMERS. I've had Verizon for like 20 years. This is dumb. Time to start looking at other carriers. Who's with me?

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We would never want to lose you, and we don't want you to feel this way thomry11. Our promotions do have requirements, as do all cell phone provider's promotions. We will certainly lift this feedback up, it is valuable. I understand your frustration, you don't want to change your plan. However, if it is a requirement of a promotion, it is a system issue. There is not a way to make it work without all eligiblity being met. I am sorry about that. I do wish I had a different answer for you. -Rosie

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If it is "a system issue" then change the frickin' system.....

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In all honesty, VZW is actively trying to lose new customers as well. I am in between a horrid switchover mess coming from TMO; 7 days on VZW and deeply regretting it. Bringing in 8 lines (family plan) and 20 lines (business plan).  The family plan switch experience alone has deterred me from VZW forever. 

From false advertisement to arbitrarily defined security protocols with absolutely zero contingencies… what a sorry mess. Honestly, at this point I am willing to pay to dump VZW. 

The OP is correct, VZW has no regard for its customers; maybe VZW has too many customers, more than it could handle. 

if you want to understand the source of my frustration, I have two unanswered posts on this forum. Take a look.