VERIZON service has deteriorated; can't get through to live customer reps
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Verizon services including customer services has been deteriorating for sometime but I've noticed a drastic downhill in the past two years.  Their customer service reps, when you can get through to them, are barely able to speak English & aren't trained to resolve any issues. They have about 3 resolution suggestions:  turn your phone off & restart; let me 'push through' something, turn your phone off & restart and drop your call because they don't know what else to do.  I spent 3 days last summer trying to fix issues with my cell...what a  NIGHTMARE!!.  Forget going into an actual store for help because if you're not buying something (I assume to help their sales commissions) they don't want to be bothered to help you. I've been with Verizon since the 1990's and also put my kids on Verizon in their early teens.  They are now 33 and 36 and continued using Verizon as their service.  They're starting to have complaints too! Recently, I had a past due amount of $126+/- which I paid. This was listed as the past due amount ON MY ACCOUNT.  Just 3 or 4 days later, on 12/3/2022, they shut my service off for another past due amount of $100.  WHAT!?!  Thankfully I have Wifi from spectrum so was able to get on-line to my account which showed an amount due and date due of 12/18.  ???  What the heck!!  Tried to get to a live customer rep to discuss, like you've always been able to do, and couldn't get past their BOT even pushing 0 and saying 'speak to a customer rep'.  It would just eventually hang up on me.  I tried several numbers to no avail!!  So I paid the $100.  I'm now looking for another service and will switch.  Was even considering Straight Talk but that's now owned by Verizon.  Mint Mobile is looking to sell their company so a little hesitant to go there not knowing where that will end up.  Doesn't leave a lot of options, just Tmobile.  I am going to sit down and write the FCC, US AG and put complaints in where I can, including politicians who represent my area.  I think it's time for FCC and Congress to break up these monopolies and give people more options with better services because companies like Verizon know they have the power over people and we have few choices and  they use that power.  PEOPLE NEED TO START STANDING UP & VOICING THEIR FRUSTRATIONS with their politicians, FCC, United States Attorney, etc!  How hard is it to place complaints via phone and letters.  If we don't, it only gets worse!!!

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Re: VERIZON service has deteriorated; can't get through to live customer reps
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We never want you to feel this way, Kat8352! I would definitely like to help you with a resolution, we don't want you to even consider leaving us. For that reason, I will send you a Private Note, in addition to this message.