VZW TMO switch mess… new account flagged?
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Hello! I am porting over 8 lines to VZW. 2 lines are on iPhone 13 preorder and 2 lines have already been ported over (my sis and brother in law).

The activated lines are in MA and the iPhone preorders are heading to MN (this detail is important and I think why the account is potentially flagged)
I wanted to get the free iPhone 11 “online only” special for the remaining four lines (all four going to MA; my parents and my in-laws).

However, I have found that over the past five days ever since I joined VZW, I cannot make an order on the VZW website (the payment gets declined; tried multiple credit cards and even PayPal hooked up to my checking account). I have tried it through telesales, even in store ( the associate worked with me on the VZW website as online only specials cannot be honored by in-store stock) and the payment just doesn’t go through.

After being on the phone for hours with customer care, telesales, and even fraud dept. (who is yet to see a flag on my account) one of the telesales people today noticed that my account has a “VZ verify” flag (fraud can’t see this flag for some reason). This telesales rep then tells me that I can only order in store, and not through the website since my 5 day old account is flagged.

My questions are:

• is the telesales rep saying the correct thing that I can only order in store (the free iPhone is not available in store as it is $5/month; free is online only)?

• if she is correct, there must be someway to rectify the flag and order the free iPhone deal online by proving my identity. What’s my best course of action here to take advantage of this offer and port the remaining four lines?

My credit is stellar; never an ID fraud issue blah blah.

Thank you