Verizon 1X/3G Devices Rendered Unusable Because Of Blocked Non-VoLTE Activation, and 3G CDMA Should Stay Too Along-side 1X

Verizon Wireless, I have been a customer with you guys for a long time since I was 11 (coming on 12) in March 4 of 2015, and while I have gone away for a little bit to AT&T or T-Mobile MVNO last year, but I still came back to you guys because of the amazing coverage you guys have! But I have some important things I want to mention about you guys that is super bothersome to me and a lot of other people:


Verizon Wireless Corporate, if you are reading this:

I urge you to PLEASE bring back a system that will allow customers like me on your network to be able to activate old 1XRTT and 3G devices, because I know you guys are keeping the 1XRTT (2G CDMA) network for M2M machines and it also works fine too for emergency situations for just basic calling and texting, and you guys stated in one of your sites in 2014 regarding the (2G CDMA Network) and the page updated in 2018 and it didn't get updated again since then


With the "3G" shutdown, there is no actual specific "2G" CDMA shutdown anywhere on your sites, so why are you guys lying and trying to tell us our Non-VoLTE phones won't work at the end of the year instead of telling us we will have reduced capabilities on our phones by the end of the year? Also, I have a LG VX8100 I would so like to activate on the 1X network as it has been my dream to use since I was 13, I am 19 now and it is sad the fact that you guys are greedy and block new activations even though it is obvious the 1XRTT network will still be here for a really long time to come but you guys just don't want to come clean about it!


I've just spoken to a friend online and he activated a Tracfone SIM in October of 2021,  and a RedPocket CDMA SIM about a week or so ago, and he gets 3G speeds better than LTE too sometimes, and 3G isn't much slower than LTE at all or slower if at all from what he tells me than LTE. This makes me question, why is the 3G network being thought of to be switched off at the end of this year when it works way better than LTE does? Why don't we have 4 digital networks running on the towers all at once then? Why does it all have to be about money and the excuse of: "infrastructure waste" to threaten to shut off older networks that work better than current network generations? I mean Verizon Wireless, Come on!, You guys know better than that! Please just do what "WE" the customers want but not all of what "YOU" guys force upon us.


Verizon Wireless Corporation, again, I really urge you to read through what I commented and please take into consideration what I talked about above:


1. Letting NEW customers like me have the freedom to use whatever phone we want (by allowing CDMA activations again).

2. That the 3G network NEEDS to stay around for a really really really really long time like the 1XRTT (2G CDMA) network.

3. Also to continue the expansion of the LTE network and fixing up all of the areas with Poor/No LTE service too.


Thank you Verizon Wireless for your amazing coverage but I am just hoping that you guys can improve some things so I can stay with you guys for the rest of my life and never leave again!

Sincerely: David!