Verizon Account Issue - I Need Help

Hi, I have tried calling customer service to fix an issue on my account that they created by not giving me correct information when making changes and have been told there is nothing they can do to fix the mistake that again, was caused by misinformation from them. If the conversations are recorded you can listen to the conversation from a verizon customer service call I made on 10/11/2020.

The issue is that somehow, my data went from 25% to 10% remaining in a matter of hours. I am still not sure how this happened, but in order to get ahead of it, I called in and asked what my options were. Initially, the rep I spoke to said she was going to add 2 complimentary gigs to help which I appreciated. She tried, but came back stating that because I was on a grandfathered 12 GB plan, that wasn't allowed so she offered to switch me to the 10G plan which she said would give me the complete 10GB for the remainder of my billing period, and then she would set it up to go back to my 12GB plan at the next billing cycle.


If you have access to the recorded call, if you listen to the last 5 minutes I specifically asked if I would have 10 GB to use or if it would be prorated. I asked this because the plan she was placing me on is more expensive than my grandfathered one in total, and of course moving to a plan with 10 GB, which is less than my 12GB, would make it worse if it was going to back date all the way. She assured me that it would give me the complete 10 GB to use until the end of my billing period

With this information, she went ahead and made the change.

A few hours later I check my account and see that I only have 0.32 GB available, with 14 days left in my cycle and 4 lines. This is less than the close to 2 GB I would have had if no change had been made. I'm now paying for a more expensive plan and it's placed me in a worse position in terms of data than I was before.

I tried calling again today, 10/12/2020, in order to explain the mistake that was made and give Verizon the opportunity to fix it or at least give me options. I was willing to just reverse the changes and just deal with the overage charges. Instead I was told there was nothing that could be done.

This whole thing has been really frustrating. I can’t understand why when a mistake was made by Verizon, it can’t be made right. I am ok with paying the overage charges. But now, my overage charges will be at least $30 more because I was switched from a 12 GB to a 10GB plan. Plus, the different in cost of the more expensive plan.

I am writing asking for three things.

  • I want to maintain my grandfathered 12GB plan. I have been on it for the 4 years I have been the account owner and before this, since 2009 when I first became a Verizon customer under a family member’s account. I have been told I will go back to my 12GB grandfathered plan at the start of my new billing cycle but with everything that has happened over these 2 days I’m not sure that is true
  • I want to get the additional 2 GB that were reduced when switching from a 12GB to a 10GB. This was offered as a solution for no good reason when it has placed me in a worse position.
  • I want a credit for the difference in cost (line access and plan cost) from the 12 GB to the 10GB plan. Again, I am now paying more for a smaller plan which I would have never agreed to had I been provided all of the accurate information.

Note I am not asking for help covering the costs of the overage charge that would have resulted had I stayed in my 12GB plan this entire time. I understand these are my responsibility and can cover them. I am just frustrated with the entire process of trying to get an issue fixed, caused by misinformation given to me by a verizon rep, and being told nothing can be done. The whole thing is ridiculous.

Please reach out to me and I will provide you with my account number, name and phone number as needed. I have been a Verizon customer for over 10 years and have never had any issues and I just want to be able to find a solution for this situation.

Re: Verizon Account Issue - I Need Help
Customer Service Rep

We understand that this has been a long ordeal and that was truly not our intention, acarbaja. Any changes that you make on your account should be a seamless process and we apologize that this was not the case. Let's dig deeper into what is going on. Please be on the lookout for a message from us.