Verizon Authorized Dealer trouble
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I had a very VERY bad experience with a Verizon Authorized dealer.  So much that my bill was never what it was supposed to be and at one point I ended up paying over $700 for one month. It has been nothing but a nightmare. I contacted the dealer and they yelled at me saying that I should have anticipated the cost and that it was on me to understand the increase.

A little bit of background:

I was with T-Mobile prior to switching to Verizon. The only reason I switched was because my employer offered a discount through Verizon since our entire company cell phone fleet is through Verizon. Turns out, my plan didn't actually qualify for the discount which the sales rep did not disclose. I went into an authorized dealer to inquire about switching. They informed me they would save me a ton of money considering what I was currently paying per month... This sounded almost too good to be true...  I should've listened to my gut.

I initiated the switch and upon doing so the sales rep 'accidentally' added our phone numbers as existing switches and not 'new customers'... because we had to come in the day after the initial start of the plan because the Sales Rep needed to get 'out on time to take his girlfriend to the movies'. All this I was extremely patient with, showing no disdain or discomfort and try to go with the flow as much as possible. However, they were unable to fix the error that they made... they asked me to go to T-Mobile and have them switch my phones back to their service (which cost me $35 per line) so that they could then 'redo' the process. The sales rep said he would pay for the restocking fee at T-Mobile... which he never did... he offered me discounts on accessories instead. This whole thing was a week long mess that never was never fixed. On top of all of this they never paid off the difference I owed T-Mobile like they said they would and that bill has since then gone to collections.

I have no idea what to do... It has now been almost a year and with calls to Verizon support telling me their is nothing they can do and that I would have to call the Authorized Dealers support line... to which they then tell me to call Verizon.... it has been nothing short of hectic. I desperately want out but have no idea where to start. It's beyond tedious to get a hold of anyone and what's more, every time I do they just shrug me off as if any possible resolution has been exhausted.



Anthony J. Zaro
Re: Verizon Authorized Dealer trouble
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I'm so sorry to learn about what happened when switching to Verizon! We always want that process to go smoothly, so I really regret that wasn't the case for you. We definitely don't want to lose you, and we would like the opportunity to help you and turn things around. Besides this reply, I will also send you a Private Note, so we can continue. Thank you!