Verizon Authorized Retailer staff SCAM our trade in phones
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In October 2019, Me and my family went to Verizon Authorized Retailer located at 12159 Central Ave, Chino, CA 91710. 

We went in to transfer 3 lines from Sprint to Verizon, the staff member name Justin convince us to trade in our iphone 8+ and iphone 7+ for two new phone. He promised we will receive our trade in credit of $600 per phone in 6 month and updated to our bill. also promised $150 per new line. 

After 6 month we sign on the account and asked for Verizon customer agent, where is our trade in credit to found out they never received our trade in phone. when we go back to the Chino store, found out that employee is no longer work in that store and when he type in contract, he was using other staff member's name. 

Store Employee promised me that Store Manager will call me to resolve this. BUT NEVER CALLED

I ask Verizon online agent try to resolve this, but they only offer total of $250 for two trade in iphones! 

you can check on 

the trade in value for iphone 8+ when open new line now is $550 and iphone 7+ is $400

and when we trade in it was last year October which the phone will worth more. 

But Verizon only give us total of $250 said it best they can do.

IT IS YOUR AUTHORIZED RETAILER that lie to your customer, you should have better way to PROTECT your customer being scammed. We trusted your brand but look what we get? 

Please have them provide CCTV you will find out we give them both phone in good condition. 

your customer should not be the one who take the fault on this.

5/27/2020 3PM Store manager have talk to me said he will try to escalate this to Verizon see if I can get more money back, he said they do have promotion during October 2019 for $550 per phone not $600 he will wait to see what he can do.

5/30/2020 store manager never calls back to resolve this, and one of my line is being Service suspended without any reason…I report a Scam and my phone being suspend? This is how you deal with your customer?

6/5/2020 I called the store manager again, he said he submit ticket to upper level for CCTV footage, I asked him to provide the ticket number, he said he don’t have it. BUT he then questioned me, asked me why did I report this so late… IT IS BECAUSE YOUR STAFF SAID IT NEED 6 MONTHS TO GET TRADE IN CREDIT. I trust your store staff, and everything was on auto pay. So, I found out after 7 months that I still didn’t get those credit.

6/8/2020 I really don’t know what else I can talk to about this… everyone just pushing me around. Store manager tell me to go asked online agent, online agent asked me to call another department or go to the store. It just seems no one have authority to resolve this matter.

I need someone please step up and deal with this…it should be easy I have both date that we purchase the phone and hand it the trade in phone.

10/18/2019 08:29PM

11/16/2019 07:34PM

Check for CCTV footage! And you will see we hand in two phones! That staff member did tell us it take 6 months. And he didn’t even use his name on our purchased invoice, because he know he is scamming and going to quit in 6 months. So when we go back he no longer work for the store.

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