Verizon Authorized Retailer stole my phone

Traded in a Samsung phone as part of the promotion to get a Samsung S21, was supposed to receive $560 for the trade in. The store took our phone and sold us the new phone and told us to would take 2-3 months to see the trade-in credit. After 2-3 months we called Verizon corporate and were told the phone was never turned in. The account manager at Verizon corporate called the store manager and now the store manager says they were never given the phone. Now we are out $560 and Verizon corporate doesn’t care to do anything and says the authorized retailers are not under their control.

Have been a verizon customer for 15+ years but this has been such a violation of my trust in Verizon


Re: Verizon Authorized Retailer stole my phone
Customer Service Rep

We do appreciate your loyalty. I am a consumer myself so I get that this is a tough situations. We truly want to help as much as we can in this situation. We are all on one team and here for you. I can review your account again. Please check your private message. -Amber