Verizon Bad Customer Service
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Regarding verizon wireless post paid/pre paid/device pay off unresolved with disconnected phone as of 2-10-21.
I recently talked to someone (a friend) who finally gave me a heads up on what I needed to do about my verizon bill because of the amount I am being charged. I could not afford to keep paying. NEVER DID I EVER KNOW WHAT PRE PAY AND POST PAY WERE! I HAVE BEEN GREATLY DECEIVED SINCE THE VERIZON REPRESENTATIVE SWITCHED MY ACCOUNT NEARLY A YEAR AGO. I am a single mom who cares for my elderly mother and son and cant afford the service with verizon. So on Feb 1 - 2021, I called verizon prepaid and got back on that paying them 87.00. Who also said to contact post paid to pay part of my bill but they could start my service now. I tried to reach financial services multiple times, not being able to talk to a person. One time yall wanted to charge me $7.00 to speak to an agent and of course, I could not afford to do that. Tried scheduling call backs, being transferred multiple times, and being disconnected multiple times. Chat does not give me options to explain anything and is very limited. All of this has led to no resolution of bill nor service I have been extremely busy and have had emergencies arise in life lately that have caused me to be unable to have the days needed to, "possibly" resolve this account. Every attempt I have made, so far, has failed. So now I have 87.00 paid to verizon prepaid and 50.00 paid to post pay account and no service. Let's see, how much do people need phones daily with covid etc? I realize it is my responsibility to pay and reach someone but I AM LOST on what else I can do. I dont have the amount yall are asking for right now. And I DO NOT WISH TO CONTINUE MY POST PAID SERVICE NOR PREPAID. VERIZON HAS 137.00 OF THE 144 IT IS CURRENTLY ASKING FOR AND IM DISSCONNECTED. I NO LONGER WISH TO BE WITH VERIZON. LETS SETTLE THIS SO I GET GET ON WITH MY LIFE. Verizon deceitfully took me off prepaid and put me on post pay and I HAVE BEEN PAYING UNNECESSARY OVER EXPENSE EVER SENT. PLEASE DISCONNECT ME ON BOTH LINES, 8505560290 AND 8508159547 AND GIVE ME A BALANCE WITH THE BALANCE DUE ON MY DEVICE. I am thankful that the verizon wireless mobile I ordered on my 556 number never arrived and verizon never saw to it to send me another one! I am greatly disappointed in verizon and I use to speak highly of your company. Now I dont speak in any way about verizon! From a hard working daughter and mother....trying to survive on a daily basis. Who needs this mess. This is only part of the negative story about my verizon service is entirely to much to write about. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

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Re: Verizon Bad Customer Service
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I took a deep exhale after reading your experience. If you were a customer for even one day you deserve respect. I'm here and would like to help with your Wireless account. Please send me a Private Message for account specific help. - VCarter_VZW

Re: Verizon Bad Customer Service
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The difference is in the name.. Pre = before, post = after. One you pay for service up front and the other you get billed first.

You don't get charged to speak with someone, that is false. You get paid if they take a payment for you. You seem confused where you are paying into because there is no disruption of service on prepaid as that is paid before you get service.