Verizon Billing
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I Traded 2 mobile phones for iPhone 13 pro.  I was promised credit of $700 for each phone. it has been over 6 months I am still trying to resolve the issue with Verizon. I previously filed complaint with FCC (case # 2834973), has been closed without resolving the complete issue. Verizon stopped the monthly device credit for line ending 5729. Additionally, I was charged sales tax twice. When I complained, I was promised credit for the sales tax in next billing cycle. I am still waiting for the credit.  At this time, the call to speak to Verizon service dept. is disconnected.  I have no way to contact Verizon.  I wish Verizon billing system is audited to correct the billing process and save the consumers from this painful experience of dealing with Verizon.

I will file complaint again with FCC and FTC.

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