Verizon Changed my Data plan the was grandfathered from 2008!

 I always tell the reps that I'm on a GUDP. The Verizon continued the coveration as if she knew what I meant. I told her that I was calling because my mobile hotspot kept drop the signal. She looked at my account and said that she needed to add the data plan for the hotspot. I told her I'm on an unlimited plan that I didn't need that. The Verizon rep then said don't worry I found the issue in your account and fixed your hotpsot should be working fine. She would call me back in 20min to confirm that the issue was resolved. After we hang up I get a text that my account was changed. When I log on I see that my GUDP is gone and replaced with a 4GB data plan. I call back immediately and have been getting the run around for 2 days trying to get back my GUDP. Every rep I talk has no idea how to fix my and just keep at different current unlimited data. I simply was my orginal GUDP. I need help!!!!!!!!

Re: Verizon Changed my Data plan the was grandfathered from 2008!
Customer Service Rep

We definitely want to ensure you have the right plan you've had, dredun2000. It's a pretty major issue with a grandfathers plan being changed. Do you know the name of the plan you've had?