Verizon Charging me for "un"returned phone
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When the new iPhone 13 came out, I made a decision to upgrade my phone, since Verizon is offering 1K for the old phone. So when I was ordering the new phone via chat, I was told I had to return the old phone via UPS. I asked if I could instead drop it at a Verizon store, since I really don't trust UPS, FedEx or any currier. Well today I received a message that my phone was not received by Verizon. I immedicably engaged in a conversation with Verizon rep via chat. I was told that they received the box and that it was empty. Then they asked me if I had pictures of me putting the phone inside the box before I sealed it, which does not make sense. Anyways, they open a case, but I'm very upset and concerned. I asked them if they can check the weight of the box since they have the tracking number and they responded that the weight was not indicated. I think I saved the received from UPS, I hope I have it and that it has the weight. Any ways, why is Verizon doing it this way? Why not have you just return the old phone back to a Verizon store? This is strange to me and also, there are so many thieves out there, it's easy for them to just open the box, take out the content and send an empty box. I will update, so they told me they are investigating, not sure what investigation they are doing. But if this does not turn out right, I'm going to social media and canceling my account. This sounds like a rip off to Verizon customers. My concern is that the carrier stole the phone. That is the only explanation. Somewhere in the process, someone took out the phone.