Verizon Corruption!

Verizon is now more corrupt than ever! People be ware, do not sign up with them! 

If you don’t use a debit card or your bank account for auto enrollment payment methods they will charge you 60 bucks. That’s right an additional 60 bucks. They tell you 30 but they mean 60.. That's right, 60!! I called and after 1 & 1/2 hours, that's what it came out to, kid you not!!

Figure this one out. It’s very confusing so pay close attention. 

When you chose not to use a debit or bank account that you will lose a 30 dollar discount. Okay there are many people that don’t have this luxury, Verizon doesn’t mind they make more money off them.

But never say until your bill comes in, by not using your debit or bank account, we had to charge you 30 dollars for not using the 30 dollar discount option. A grand total of 60 bucks! 

So someone that doesn’t have the ability to use a debit card gets sucker punched right in the mouth!!! Or they are trying to be more secure with they way they pay bills, the same, BAM. 

What if you had your account compromised and had to go thru all the accounts to update them. So you change your billing method to use a single card just for those accounts and not using it on anything else. Lowers the chances right? Correct but also gives Verizon the chance to steal more money from you. They don’t care that when your account gets compromised and you lose access to your account and the money. And you have to go through ever account affected updating that information. They only care you abide by their wants. 

They are getting go big and no longer care about the consumer. Stay away, get AT&T or something else, DO NOT GET VERIZON!! 




Re: Verizon Corruption!
Customer Service Rep

BeWarned, your wireless experts are here to assist. We see that you have some concerns regarding billing. For further clarification, Are you referencing our auto pay discount or another type of discount? -Nicci