Verizon Customer Service IS A JOKE

Verizon commercials are a joke, the same as Verizon customer service.  I have been a customer for almost 30 years.  Never changed my service, flip flopped or paid late, NEVER!  I would say it's absolute loyalty to a fault.  Called customer service Friday for a signal booster because I am moving to an area with poor coverage.  First call - explained issue, she agreed, yes you are a long time customer and very valued, blah, blah, blah, lets get you a signal booster, I will need to put you on hold to speak to a supervisor.  The music plays over and over again, I am slowly getting irritated and wondering what is taking so long.  A long 55 minutes later, a woman answers the phone with TECH, I asked if it was explained to her what I needed, she says no.  So here I go again with my story to which she angrily replies, "You are not in our system to receive a free booster" and I reply "Well if anyone is deserving, it has to be me and my four lines of service, how do we make this happen"?  She repeats what she just said as though I am hard of hearing, so I repeat what I said.  Then she goes on to list all the things I do qualify for, Like $300 of a cell phone etc etc.  I say, "That doesn't solve the issue that I have been on the phone for almost two hours trying to resolve", "I don't need a new phone", "I do need a signal booster so I can continue to be the loyal customer I have been for almost 30 years", "I need a booster for my home so I can make and receive calls"! So now she is obviously more angry, why???, I have no idea, but says "You are not in our system to receive a booster" and I am so blown away, I hang up.

Now, I am angry.  Call back, same dirt, no solutions, NO ONE CARES.  Currently on hold more than 4 hours, Actually spoke to someone 15 minutes, NO SOLUTION. I try one more time, what's another 2 hours at this point.  This time the rep says I can't use the signal booster because I don't have wifi, I said NOOOOO, you can use a signal booster without wifi, you are thinking of an extender.  She argues, but what do I know, I am only reading what is on the Verizon website. Again, NO SOLUTION.

I decide to use the chat platform, at least now I can be free of that music on a loop that I was so sick of hearing.  Chat takes a long time too, not as long, but there are similarities....... "You are not in our system to receive a booster".  hahaha.  Yes, I have heard that.  I have a problem, I need a solution.  Chat says, "You will have to call another number to get that done, so sorry" and I am thinking, here we go again, PASS PASS PASS.  Chat also says, I have noted the account that you should receive one.  OK, so maybe now I am getting somewhere.

The number chat gives is (908) 559-4899.  I call today, Tuesday, because I was done on Friday.  6 plus hours of my life wasted on top of a headache from all the garbage I waded through. This time on hold for 40 minutes before I got a live person, whew, way faster yet so still so unacceptable.  The girl who answered, like I knew they would on Friday, says "Well why did they give you this number, I am customer service just like they are".  hahahahahah.  I again tell the story, almost 30 years a customer, blah, blah, blah, I need a signal booster.  Unlike the many other reps, she actually sounded like she knew what she was talking about.  She says the signal boosters are back ordered till October 14.  WOW, took over 8 hours to get that info and she was the first to offer.  She did not offer a waitlist, I had to ask.  She said yes there is a waitlist, I will have to pass you to a TIER 2 rep for you to be put on the waitlist.  AGAIN, I go on hold, this time for 25 minutes when all of a sudden the phone says, this call can not be connected, go to, goodbye.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

One thing is for sure, if there is any training at Verizon, it is PASSING THE BUCK while making customers GO INSANE.  They all did that very well with NO SOLUTIONS after two days and 8 plus hours of holding.  GOODBYE Verizon.  Funny thing, in almost 30 years of being a customer, I called customer service twice.  This was the second and last time. UN messed up ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!