Verizon Customer service

Verizon customer service is the absolute worst.  They have gotten so big that they no longer care about their customers. Maybe they forget that customers are what keep them in business. I am tired of being stuck with a phone that is constantly have poor voice quality. All they want to do is the same tied trouble shooting steps that get you no where. They did replace the sim card but it didn't help. I am seriously wanting to turn in all my devices and look else where.  My dad has been with Verizon for many many years. He has went into there stores for help and been treated rudelly and with disrespect. He is in his 70's and doesn't deserve to be treated like this.  I am self employed and a Computer and networking technician .. if i treated my coustomers like i have been treated i would not be able to say in business. 


They just put you throught the same worthing trouble shooting over and over again and nothing gets resolved. It's worthless.  It's all a lot of hype about how great they are ... they are the worst. I can't even talk to family without my call quality breaking up .. let alone any clients. How am i supposed to build a business.  I basically have a broken phone ... and no help from Verizon.  Get rid of verzion as quickly as you can. Run far and run fast. Switch to another company who treates their customers better.  [removed]  * If you are from Verizon and you are serious about resolving my issue you may contact me at [removed]..****   

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