Verizon Drops the Ball Big Time

I decided to Order an Ipad Pro (2021). Sales rep was great, she  checked local stores in the area for pick up, not available. I work from home and when I'm not working I'm not home so the original delivery date of Thur 7/22/21 would not work as I would not be home to receive it and then it would be a whole fiasco with the carrier or it possibly being stolen if it's left. She was nice enough to set up next day shipping with delivery date of today 7/21/2021 so that it would arrive while I was home to accept. Great that was unexpected and nice of her to do. I've never had a problem with any delivery of devices before. She sent terms and conditions which I accepted. The order was done now to wait to receive. I texted last night as I hadn't received shipping info and it was due to arrive today. That rep told me a load of garbage about low inventory which is not the same as no inventory or it being on backorder.  If there is inventory low or full it's still there to send to the consumer. So not an acceptable answer. I called today during my morning break and lunch but there was a ridiculous hold time and so I scheduled for a call back on my 2pm break. They called an hr prior while I was working and unable to answer. So I ended up again in the text. I was already pretty fed up at this point. Then I got disconnected with the first set of supervisors I was speaking to and got another. As you can imagine how my patience was quickly evaporating. During that first conversation I was informed that the Terms and Conditions were not accepted. I'm like hold on...yes I did accept them. I recall vividly talking to the sales rep at the time that I got the email and accepted it right away. Not my first time purchasing a device. They completely and somehow utterly dropped the ball and lost my acceptance of their terms and conditions delayed the delivery of the ipad. Of which the whole point of it being set up was for it to be delivered by 7/21/2021. I was beyond frustrated that not only did I have to redo the terms and conditions but this has been going on for almost three hours at this point. So they asked for my email and I double checked it before sending. No go, refreshed my emails and checked other folders and  nothing. They asked for a second email. Okay, again did not receive the email with the terms and conditions and again checked other folders with no Terms and Conditions.  Then a supervisor came on and resented it. Again nothing. Then I get sent to the Telesales team. Again same repeat with no email received from Verizon. Supervisor from Telesales also did the same thing, again no email was received. I asked why on earth I'm going through having to redo the Terms and Conditions when I literally did it before getting off with the sales rep on July 19th. Another agent confirmed this when I double checked. But there isn't anything they can do until it's received on their end. Seems that Verizon needs to update their systems as this has been an unbelievably frustrating situation. Now at this point, they are bringing their offline team to resend the terms and conditions which may not happen until TOMORROW!!!  I have been dealing with this for 4 hours with no acceptable resolution today. I can not explain the level of frustration I'm at with Verizon right now and I've been far from being patient for the time already spent on this today alone.  For the fact that I have accepted the Terms and Conditions required to complete my order and they somehow lost it, dropping the ball of my device being delivered on time is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! Unfortunately I am the point of canceling my entire account with Verizon is how frustrated I am at this and now they have given me more time to contemplate a better phone carrier that would not go losing important information that causes delays and frustration on the part of their customers.