Verizon FIOS Incentive Not Incentive - Potential Bait & Switch

In March 2021, I signed up for FIOS over other competitors. 

One of the reasons I did so was the promise that I would get $200 in gift cards if I agreed to do so.  The breakdown was: $100, $50 and $50.  The only condition was that I remain a FIOS customer through mid-May.  I have done so.

On May 28, 2021, I redeemed all three cards.  Unfortunately, to date, I have only received a $50 gift card with the $100 and second $50 showing on my account as being redeemable.  Again, I redeemed all three at the same time.  Despite showing the two cards as being redeemable, the system (conveniently) times out when I try to redeem.

Unfortunately, customer service (either via phone or chat) is of no substantive use.  They either blame the issue on the "Rewards Department" (where no one ever picks up the phone) or, more recently, on my use of Chrome.  Here, I'm told to clear out the cache and install Firefox and then try to redeem.

In addition, customer service has repeatedly refused to escalate my issue to higher authorities.  I was promised something as an incentive to sign with FIOS.  It appears that Verizon is now attempting to not honor its obligations as the deadline to redeem the cards I already redeemed is July 12, 2021.

To conclude, I expect Verizon to honor its obligations one way or the other.  I fully understand what my options are with respect to this issue and will not simply go away.

Re: Verizon FIOS Incentive Not Incentive - Potential Bait & Switch
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You posted your question on the Verizon Wireless Community forum and not the Verizon Fios forum. You will have better luck finding advice or assistance on the correct forum. It is linked below.

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