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My 64G iPhone X was acting weird after I was using the NFL app and switching back and forth to and from my fantasy league. Whenever I switched back to the game I was watching on my phone, the bottom half of my screen was flashing white and just a few seconds later the whole screen was flashing white. I quickly reset my phone to observe my screen flashing yellow. Unable to do anything with my phone, I attempt to submit a claim through asurion on my MacBook which I was unsuccessful with after submitting all the information. I received a notification "we're unable to process your claim, please contact customer service" which I wasn't able to because...broken screen? So I went to Verizon for assistance and they were absolutely no help. The reps suggestion was "submit a claim" which I repeatedly told him the issue with the insurance not processing it and not having a phone to call customer service. After about 30 mins, I gave up and decided to go home and pursue a different avenue of approach. When I returned home, my girlfriend arrived and I used her phone to call saurian customer service. The call lasted more than 3 HOURS. Going back and forth between verizon techs/reps and asurion reps, I was constantly repeating the issue and the matter was going no where. However, every verizon rep attempted and PUSHED Verizon Home Device Protect (VHDP) which I respectfully declined every single time since it was added to my account without any notification or approval when the program started. I may have talked to 6 different reps and I respectfully declined every single one, I expressed my only concern was to have my phone repaired under the Total Mobile Protect and to go about my day. The last Verizon rep I talked to, somehow manage to misinform me that I had a data breach on my iPhone and that my information was being sold on the dark web! With immediate concern, see informed me that it was a requirement to have the  McAfee security program before they would be able to process my claim. So I went through with it and finally have a email with the confirmation of my replacement iPhone X on the way. So I checked my verizon account to see the add on VHDP to my account. I feel as if I'm a victim of misleading information that lead me to purchase this add-on. The Verizon reps were extremely pushy with purchasing this and I hate to believe I'm a fool if the last rep lied to me in order for me to buy it out of pure concern of my sensitive activity. Has anyone else had this situation happen? If so, I've been debating switching carriers for a while. For being a 10+ year customer, I feel this was a slap to the face. 

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mabeacham, we would be happy to help in any way possible! For better assistance, please send us a Private Note! *Jose