Verizon Home Protect Is Not As Advertised

This is an FYI. Verizon Home Protect is in business to take your money and if you require a replacement to low ball you on your replacement value. 

My Apple Watch with cellular screen was sent in for repair and when they returned it would not connect to my phone. They offered me a third of what it costs to replace my watch when it was only 3 years old. They would not provide a replacement. I do not recommend this service. Buy at your own risk. 

Re: Verizon Home Protect Is Not As Advertised
Customer Service Rep

UnhappyCustomer2022, your feedback is greatly appreciated, and we are disheartened to learn about what may have happened with your recent Apple Watch insurance claim. We want to do our best to help determine what may have happened. To ensure we're on the same page, can you please tell me the reason they said they wouldn't replace the device at no additional cost due to the issues with connection? Was this done through an insurance claim or warranty replacement?