Verizon Issues with no data, no incoming calls or recieving, No 4G LTE
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I can say that you all are not alone in the connectivity issues with Verizon(no calls can be made or received, no text messages received or can be made, No data connection I am over my unlimited limit etc..). I can only use WIFI and my 4G LTE ONLY works if I am standing in the Verizon store or right next to a tower. Never ever had that issue before. I have had the problems for the last 2 days or so. Verizon keeps saying it is my phone. I know it is not because I keep hearing about how everyone else is having issues the same time I am. I have been up at the Verizon store and online chat for days and no resolution. While resetting and restoring my phone many times from all the reps trying to help and also getting 2 different sims cards and still having the same issues. It is impossible for multiple phones(all different brands) and customers to be having the same issues all at the same time. It is on the Verizon side. Check your lines and your towers. 

I have a Galaxy S10 Note +

Have a great day. 

We are located in Vancouver, WA 98684 area.

Hopefully they get it fixed soon and start offering credits to everyone for the time is has been unusable. We all know Verizon charges everyone a astronomical amount a month to use there services.