Verizon LIED to me (a new customer)
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Well…. That didn’t last long. We switched from AT&T to Verizon because they said they would pay off our phones directly and wouldn’t have to worry about the switch. The store manager told me “Verizon will pay off your phones and that payment is between Verizon and AT&T”. I’m now stuck with a $300+ bill from AT&T and a $344 bill from Verizon. Not only does Verizon not pay off your phones directly to AT&T but the “E-gift card” we are supposedly getting is 2 months out after waiting a month already just to get approved AND it can only be used at Verizon. So I’m out over $600 this month just to be basically given a discount. Thank you Verizon for lying to a new customer and ruining the experience.

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