Verizon LTE Home Internet - Bait & Switch



We are relocating to a suburb of Columbus Ohio and before moving had checked the availability of Verizon LTE home internet multiple days over a span of a couple of weeks - available, great!

Today, we went to order the service at the same address and are met with the “this service is unavailable in your area” message. Multiple chat and phone call attempts with reps and they are saying “sorry, we can’t help, but we can offer you a higher priced, less convenient option — mobile jet pack — would you like to try that?” No thanks.

I am curious if the strategy here is to put a facade that the company is expanding its footprint of home LTE internet (making regulators happy) while then pushing higher priced services? How can one day I be eligible for service only to then say, “sorry service is unavailable, but we’ll let you know when it comes to your area.”? What?

Please just let me order the service that was previously quoted — at the specific address — as available. I want to pay you!

-Verizon Mobile Customer of 20+ years