Verizon Lost my device trade in

I've spent nearly 10 hours on the phone with customer care trying to figure out my device trade in status. I got an email saying it wasn't received. The trade in website says the device was received and it matched expectations but the final value credit is 0.00. When I call the device trade in team (800-416-8894) I'm told there is no device trade in associated with my line.


I used the provided UPS label, and the device was delivered to verizon. Again, the online status shows it as "received" and "matched expected device" but when I call in about the bill credits I'm told that Verizon lost the device. 


So far, all I can be told my customer service is that they have created a ticket. Meanwhile, I'm too far into my payment plan to return the device, and they lost my old phone. So I don't have much recourse. 



Re: Verizon Lost my device trade in
Customer Service Rep

rturner026, we want you to feel the love for us and we can certainly understand the concern with your trade-in credit status. Do you have a submission ID for the trade-in that we can look into?