Verizon Never Disconnected My Tablet Line for Almost 3 Years, Kept Charging Me and Won't Reimburse Me

I used to have a Samsung tablet but got an I-pad in the summer of 2020. I went to the Verizon Store to disconnect the line for my Samsung, and they said this was only possible over the phone.  I called and went through the whole thing over the phone and was told my line was disconnected. But it was never disconnected. On at least 4 additional occasions between late 2020 through mid 2023, I called to have this same line disconnected. It literally has not been used and has 0 data usage. Each time I called I was told it was all set and disconnected.  In December 2023, I realize AGAIN that I am still being charged $39 a month for this. I go into the Verizon Store, and this one tells me I can disconnect over chat.  I disconnect over chat.  I realize in April 2024 I AM STILL BEING CHARGED.  I spend around  hours on Verizon chat, including being disconnected and having to start all over again - with the previous chat disappearing and not being accessible to the next customer service reps.  The customer service reps tell me they #1: can't look up the history of the data usage on the line to see when I stopped using it, #2 can't find records of my multiple calls - and only have record of my one chat in December that they say I didn't confirm on  #3 can't find my earlier chat from just a few hours before where they were much more helpful, and #4 are only willing to refund me for 4 months of their unauthorized charges. I know I am talking to customer service rep who tells me his supervisor is "right next" to him, so I ask for the person above them both.  The supervisor comes on and refuses to give me any further information, will not connect me to anyone above her, will not give me information about the complaint or grievance process,.

Essentially, it appears that Verizon has charged me over $1500 that  I did not authorize over the course of years and refused to disconnect the line. told them I would be happy to take a credit to my account for the months I have paid that there was no use on the line, but they would not do this and gave me absolutely no avenue to escalate this or file a complaint or grievance for the terrible customer service experience I have.

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