Verizon Post Pay is Actually PREPAY!
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I am infuriated. I was a Verizon customer previously and decided to give Verizon another shot. 

You are "welcomed" to Verizon by being double billed your first month. Thanks! 

Can't wait to switch again. 

Re: Verizon Post Pay is Actually PREPAY!
Customer Service Rep

daytoncarter, we would like to welcome you back to the Verizon family, but are disheartened to learn that you are thinking of leaving us again. We always want to ensure that you are set the correct expectations when it comes to receiving your very first bill. When you are billed for the first time, you may receive one-time charges which includes activation fees for each device that was activated on the account as well as charges for your first billing period as well as for your upcoming billing period since we bill your plan 1 billing period in advance. 


After your first bill you will only see charges for the next billing cycle moving forward. For more details, please click here (#1):


Does this help clear up the details at this time?