Verizon Pre-Paid to Post-Paid and Unknown Charges
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First, I have to vent, because I have spent 5 hours (going on 6, because I am still on hold) of my time trying to get this issue resolved to no avail. 

Background: I have been a Verizon customer for years. I had my account set up for automated payments, never missed a payment, and was a "good" customer for years. Fast forward to May 2020. I am trying to buy a house so decided to attempt to save money on my phone plan. Decided I was going to switch to a prepaid account and found out Verizon had a prepaid plan. I thought: this is great! Will surely be an easy transition. 


Well, the day I decided to switch, I paid off my post-paid account (well in advance from the billing cycle). I paid my upfront prepaid fees and over two hours later I was a prepaid customer! Because of the hassle and how long it took, and multiple transfers, the last customer service representative I spoke with offered me a $20 credit, which I gladly accepted. Of course, the credit was not applied to my account, but that is not even the issue. 

Fast forward to today: I wake up to a $25 charge from Verizon on my bank card. I look in my email (because I can no longer access my account) and it is for my post-paid account. I contact post-paid and they direct me to prepaid, because they can no longer see my account. Get transferred back. Well, 6 hours and 11 people later with at least 4 transfers, someone in leadership finally was able to tell me what the charge was for, which still doesn't make sense to me, but she is sending me a paper copy of my final bills to review. (Oh, note that it was going to charge me $10 for copies of my last two bills, but she credited me for it...I will be 100% amazed if I don't still get charged for them.) That said, she didn't offer to compensate me with a credit for the 6 hours of my time today, but, since she was post-paid and I am now prepaid, I guess I can't fault her. She was the only person who treated me kindly with respect and didn't try to pawn me off on anyone else in either post- or prepaid. 

I just have to say this is terrible business and a truly appalling way to treat a customer who has been with you for years. If I had known the kind of treatment I would receive or the lack of customer care and communication between the post- and prepaid departments, I would have gone very literally anywhere else. I just wanted to stay with you all out of a sense of loyalty and because you have the best network speeds, but I use wifi 95% of the time, so the hassle of wasting 6 hours of my day and having to repeat myself to 11-12 people is just not worth it. 

To the community: if anyone is thinking of switching from post-paid to prepaid or vice-versa: don't do it! Go to Republic or Cricket, or Straight Talk. Shoot, I would prefer a landline to having to deal with what I just went through. I would rather deal with poor service than poor customer service. Truly unbelievable.