Verizon Retiree Program Discount on wireless plan

 I am a retired management employee from the wireline side of Verizon and have the incorrect code on my Verizon Wireless account for me to have the retired employee discount on the unlimited plan that I currently have.  For some reason, the code was never changed to the Verizon Retiree Plan code when I retired in 2004, but the 25% discount continued to be applied until I got the unlimited plan, therefore, I didn’t know that I even had a problem.   I have talked to 14 Verizon Wireless employees/groups so far and have been working to make this happen for 2 billing cycles.  With only one exception, I have just had horrible service and conflicting answers.  From all that I've been through, I believe that I need to have the discount code on my account changed to 4596606 and cannot find someone that can do that.  Help!!  

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Customer Service Rep

We understand wanting to get the correct retiree discount on the account. We are unable to access and assist those type accounts via this platform.  You will need to call 1-800-922-0204 or visit for more information.