Verizon Steals Vets Unlimited Data Plan & Veteran Discount
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Whats to stop me from Filing an FCC Complaint?

1. I was promised I was qualified for Edge Program this last Nov. Waited a couple days and went to the Verizon store on my birthday to get my new Note4 and get on Edge. At this moment the sales guy said i didn't qual. because I had a late pmt within 6 months. I of course was very upset and called Verizon to verify and sure enough they admit the initial sales people were wrong and i didn't qual for Edge.

Great birthday right!? Couldn't get worse right? Wrong, I was lucky enough to find the worst barber in town...terrible haircut!

2. Ok so now I've conceded to suffering with my troublesome Droid M, I figure i will finally get tech support on this. 3 days later i receive a replacement and 12 hrs later i realize this one is just as bad as the previous. I call back tech support, get transferred to a second tier supervisor who states that the issue with the phone is either Me or the phone case. She insists that before she will allow a replacement i must use the phone without the case for a couple weeks. WTH!? I ask well ok, Im tough on my phone so if this one breaks because it has no case do i pay or verizon for deductible. I do she says. Arghh! Are you kidding? I seriously looked around to see if there was a camera and if i was being Punked, of course not.

So I do it, actually has been several weeks and same issues, Called tech back and guy there says he's nvr heard of any reason why a phone case wld be the issue. He says that every time tech support has to send a phone back it looks bad on them and thats probably why she lied/sidelined me. He was helpful got me scanned for a virus, found one and hard reset. Sadly same issues but now i have a replacement.

3. During this whole ordeal trying to sort out my Edge fiasco and phone support it brought to my attn. that my grandfathered plan with unlim. data was stopped and i was put onto an expensive 10g phone plan during the time i was trying to get the edge program in Nov. Well now its Feb at the point so of course its too late they say to fix the problem! Has to be done within 15-30 days, so within the billing cycle...convenient huh? Okay so I can submit a review to change it back so i do. Denied, says its denied because its passed the 15-30 day period. Wait!, I had to submit the review to override the 15-30 day timeframe yet review is denied for the very same reason!

4. I am told while trying to fix above issues about a week ago that Verizon decided to take away my veterans discount of 15%. Apparently this happened several months ago. They wont back date they won't retroact it. In fact to reapply for this discount I was told to go online to verify for it.

Guess what? Vets can't verify online. In fact as I was just told today We Vets have to bring a dd214 or vet advantage card down to a Corp. Verizon store so they can copy then fax it to somewhere. Then after a couple weeks it will be applied to the following billing cycle. Not prorated     or retro discount here surprise.

Verizon still refuses to make good on false promises of Edge program, Fixing their error on changing my phone plan, and reinstating my Unlit. Data plan i have had for the last 8 yrs.

Has anyone else out there had similar issues or is it just me Verizon seems to hate? 

I wld have left Verizon months ago after the Edge issue but sadly phone reception here is bad without them. Also Im very stubborn and I won't quit until Verizon makes this right!!

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Re: Verizon Steals Vets Unlimited Data Plan & Veteran Discount

Obviously nothing is stopping you from filing an FCC complaint. Does not mean it is a valid complaint, though.

1. You had a late payment and therefore did not qualify. Additionally, had you actually completed an Edge agreement, you would have lost your unlimited data as it is not allowed under Edge.

4. Verizon occasionally requires re-certification of discounts to confirm that the discount is still valid. This has been the case for a couple of years now and is stated on the discount page. Additionally, you can do so online HERE and HERE.

Re: Verizon Steals Vets Unlimited Data Plan & Veteran Discount
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They lied to me as well and in the shadiest way possible took away the gUDP... And they know it but other reps over apologetic and talking a lot but really saying nothing.. Verizon is a corrupt company and they always have been. 

Re: Verizon Steals Vets Unlimited Data Plan & Veteran Discount
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