Verizon Store Refusing to Wear Masks

I went to the Verizon store in Manhattan, on 80th & Broadway.  There was a hispanic woman with dyed blonde hair that works there.  Every interaction with her has been a pure misery.   Two days ago, I went in and bought the S21+ and was told I needed an appointment to activate my phone.  I made one for Thursday, 8/19 @ 3:15 and that woman was there and had her mask pulled down to her chin, happily talking away to a pair of customers.  I asked the manager on duty if the store had a mask mandate and she said, not for the customers (I had mine on).  I asked about staff and was told that they have to wear masks.  I pointed the blonde woman out and said that I did NOT want to have her help me.  I then asked if I needed another appointment to be in the store to get away from her.  I was told no.  The manager pulled the woman aside and she came out, with mask on, and said that she would be helping me now.  I refused and left.

I came back in 2-3 minutes later, to make another appointment.  The woman had her mask off again, as did another male employee.


So, my question is, is this Verizon's position on Covid 19?  Is Verizon OK with having one of their stores become a hot spot and hospitalize or kill it's customers?  If Verizon does care about this, then I will ask why they employ a woman that refuses to follow basic guidelines and safety concerns?


Is it just that store?  Is it just that woman?  Is it just that the managers there cannot handle their staff?  I truly have no idea.  What I do know is that it is ridiculous that I have to ask these questions here instead of having a manager or a district manager that could or would be willing to answer questions.


Can anyone make any sense out of this that won't leave me dreaming of a different provider?

Re: Verizon Store Refusing to Wear Masks
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Go to another store, simple as that.

Re: Verizon Store Refusing to Wear Masks
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Go get vaccinated. Wear your mask. Keep a little distance. Ask her to wear hers. It's possible that the customer she was with couldn't hear her so she removed it. Whatever the reason you have the ability to walk away and go to another store or better yet, switch to another service provider.