Verizon Texted Middle of Night: Data Overusage

In the middle of the night I received a text from Verizon stating that I had used too much data and that I would not be able to use my phone unless I agreed to pay $15.00 for a gigabit.  That set off a chain of events that ruined the entire weekend.  

However, when I called Verizon the next day they said that I had used to much data 10 gigabites.  When? How?  He asked me several questions all were answered "no" I don't use that, I didn't change anything, he kept repeating the same questions and finally he turned me over to another person who kept asking me the same questions.  

Finally, I asked him when was the spike in usage?  Every day?  No he said it was March 20th?  Then he changed and said it was February 20th.  All that data was used in one day by me?  You have my records there.  Can't you see it must be a mistake?  This is crazy.    I said I just paid my bill and nothing was said?  Why didn't it come up when I paid my bill 2 days before.  He kept saying that I paid my bill for the next month.  Like I was stupid.  He must have repeated three or four times I pay my bill ahead that was why I had to pay $20,00 more.  Does that make sense to you?  Not to me!  He said I must have been gaming and not known it.  I don't play games, I don't know how to play games, I have a life.   No offense to people who enjoy sitting and playing games.

He said there was nothing he could do but that I should pay for unlimited data.  I said I did that for years but I never used one gigabit.  It didn't seem fair.  Well, it was the only way to protect myself.  Protect against who or what?  I didn't use it!  Maybe someone hacked my phone.  No he said it was my fault, my problem and to just pay.  Then when I reluctantly agreed he said I had to pay an additional $10 for a one time administrative fee cost.  It was crazy.

All day I have been thinking about what happened.  That Verizon didn't care that I suddenly used 10 gigabits in one day.  What the heck!  And that I needed to increase an already expensive bill another $5 or $10 for pushing a button-administrative fee.  

I  erased all the stats on my phone so I can watch to see what is being used.  But I clicked on gaming and there was a username I had never seen before.  I was frightened.  I was angry.    I went on line and saw email after email about sudden data spikes on Verizon accounts.  Oh my!  I wasn't the only one!  I think we have a problem, VERIZON.

Tomorrow I will go to one of the stores  but after that I am marching down to the closest competition and sign on.  I will write a blistering email to Verizon Corporate.  

In the middle of the night they texted me!   I thought someone was sick or hurt and needed my help.  No it was Verizon.  The nerve.  Why did they wait over a month to inform me?  If that much data was used on February 20th why didn't they text or email the next day in February?   And the only answer is you have to pay more to protect yourself?

I have been with Verizon since it was Pacific Bell.  Enough is enough!



Re: Verizon Texted Middle of Night: Data Overusage
Customer Service Rep

We never like to hear that a customer is being charged for data usage that they believe was not used by them. We can certainly address this with you. Please send us a Private Note for assistance. *Brittany