Verizon Tower Noise Issues

Hi there

We live in the middle of nowhere, NY, and have a Verizon tower 0.9 miles from us. For the three years I've been living where I am, it's been an innocuous presence, and it's been nice to have good service! However, at least as of 3 weeks ago it's begun making an awful, continuous noise that can best be described as a massive oscillating fan + a bad compressor hum. It's a nuisance from a mile away;  closer up I imagine the neighbors are about to lose their minds. Obviously it makes sense to address our local council, but is there any way to get in contact with Verizon as well and figure out what's going on?  Is this something we'd call customer support about? We're just trying to understand if this is a temporary malfunction or if we all need to find new homes.


Re: Verizon Tower Noise Issues
Customer Service Rep

I can definitely understand how much I would be annoyed by a constant humming noise coming from a nearby cell tower. I know I would be looking for a way to report this and help to find a solution outside of local city council. Let's see if we can help. Please be on the lookout of the private note we have sent to gather more details.